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Stars for a day. Or maybe a couple of minutes...

What a day!

Today was one of those days I'll look back in a few years and think "Man... That was a great day!". I joined my friends Emily Endean, Brian Terrey and Dave Lawrence for sunrise at Peveril Point in Swanage but it wasn't any old sunrise. Today we were filming a feature for BBC's South Today together with Carl Cahill to promote Purbeck Wallpaper, an amazing venture that gives people the opportunity to have the most beautiful Purbeck scenes as almost life size wallpapers.

Emily picked me up just past 6am and we met the boys together with Alastair and Pete from the BBC. If I'm honest, the weather didn't look promising in the slightest but we had a job to do so we made our way down the cliffs and set up at the highest ledge. I'm pretty sure that Carl and the guys from BBC regretted their shoe choices at that point, seeing how the descend was covered in clay. As I noticed their nice shoes all muddy, I could tell that it was going to be a hilarious day. The best part was, all of a sudden, a bunch of clouds decided to join the party, making a dull sunrise become an incredible one!

At this point, I have to pause to tell you what a legend Carl is. Just as my luck goes, when I finished setting up, a massive wave hit the ledge leaving me and my gear soaked to the bone. At least by the end of the event I wasn't the only soaked one, but I surely was the first. So, when we got back up, I noticed that my spectacles were gone. Nowhere to be seen. I just accepted defeat, believing that the sea had claimed it as its own. But Carl was having none of it. He went all the way back down to the ledges and found them, tucked away between the boulders and covered in clay. He retrieved them for me adding a bit more mud to his nice shows. What a star!

After sunrise, we were treated for breakfast at Adrian's Cafe in Swanage, where we started processing the photos, adding to the filming of the feature. I was actually quite impressed by the vegan options that they made for us. So kind of them to make sure they were able to fit our needs. The food was delicious and we got on with processing so Emily's photo could be sent to print.

We carried on to the print shop where we met up with Geoff and Alex, and could see first hand where the magic of Purbeck Wallpaper happens. Geoff and Carl explained to the cameras how it all happens, how the collaborative came to be and some technicalities of it while the guys and I tried our best to keep the noise down. Which is nearly impossible given how we get when we are together. At that point we were pretty sure that Alastair and Pete had regretted the decision of filming us. I'm pretty sure that I heard the words "school children" :D :D

With some of the printing done, we headed to Aunt Sally's where we checked the space where the wallpaper was going to go up and then walked down to The Old Stables where we had the most delicious lunch. I can't begin to describe how amazing it was. We even meet the cutest dog called Lexie. The food was specially prepared for us, vegans and non vegans alike, we had time to rest a little bit and enjoy each other's companies before heading back to put the wallpaper up.

The whole process is super easy. The photo comes printed in sections and you just need to soak it and stick it on the wall. With the help of a scraper to remove bubbles, the whole wall was up in just a couple of hours. With the job done, we said our goodbyes and headed to the next destination.

We finished the day with a mad dash to Kimmeridge Bay for sunset. The tide was at it's lowest so there was a lot of opportunities for nice reflections. Keep an eye at my Facebook page to see the result of this dash.

I would like to thank Carl for making this possible. It's a pleasure and an honour to be part of Purbeck Wallpaper and I can't wait to see it growing. Aunt Sally for being the best host a tog can ask for. Thank you for the delicious food and the kindness. Alastair and Pete from BBC for the patience with our relentless dirty jokes and awkwardness in front of the cameras. And obviously, Dave, Emily and Brian for sharing this amazing day with me!

Now if you're curious to see how it all turned out, here is is:

And last but not least, let me share with you one of the images made this morning at Peveril Point. Thank you for reading! :)

#bbc #southtoday #peverilpoint #swanage #landscape #landscapephotography #purbeck #purbeckwallpaper

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